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Bar Tape


BHT-01 Race Ribbons


Special Features (BHT-01, BHT-05, BHT-06)

Highest-grade synthetic cork gives you a firm no-slip shock absorbing grip.
Unlike natural cork, synthetic cork has a consistent quality throughout.There are no weak points that may break during high-intensity usage.
All handlebar sizes can be covered by each ribbon.
Sweat-proof adhesive except BHT-05.
Stretch material makes it easy to wrap around the handlebar.
Finishtape and plugs included.

7.50 - Lm3.22 BHT-01
15.00 - Lm6.44 BHT-02 Alu Ribbon
7.95 - Lm3.41 BHT-04 carbon structure
9.95 - Lm4.27 BHT-05 with Gel
7.50 - Lm3.22 BHT-06 with embosed logo
11.50 - Lm4.97 BHT-07
Light Ribbon
12.95 - Lm5.56 BHT-08 Style Ribbon
1.95 - Lm0.84 BHT90S & BHT-91S end caps black & silver
2.95 - Lm1.27 BHT-92S end caps carbon

BHT-02 Alu Ribbons

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BHT-07 Light Ribbons
Ultra light handlebar tape.
Embossed BBB logo's.
Only 40 grams per set.

BHT-04 Race Ribbons
Carbon structure.
Lightweight PU material.

BHT-08 Style Ribbons
Vintage stlye handlebar tape.
Half perforated surface with stitching.
Thin foam layer for extra cushioning and waterproof adhesive.
Tape and plugs included.
Colors: Black / white stitiching, Gray / balck stitching, White / white stitching.

BHT-06 Race Ribbons

BHT-05 Race Ribbons
With Gel.

BHT-90S EndCaps

Special Features

Secure fitting end caps for handlebar tape.
2 pieces a set.

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