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Cycle Computers with HRM

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Speedopulse Cycling Computer with Heartbeat Monitor
Speedopulse Wireless Cycling Computer with an Integrated Heartbeat Monitor for Fitness Cycling
Speedopulse 1000w - an innovative cycling performance and fitness aid!

Speedopulse 1000w is a wireless device that can help you during your cycling fitness training. Speedopulse can help you to monitor various parameters of your performance and assist you in achieving consistent step wise improvements. Alternatively, it will help you to maintain your peak performance and top level of fitness already achieved. Speedopulse will monitor your heart during your riding sessions, ensuring a safe and healthy way to the best performance and fitness.

Speedopulse 1000w is a '6 in 1' device:
wireless cycling computer heart rate monitor - clock - stopwatch meter maintenance warning device and fat burned counter
Speedopulse 1000w consists of the main computer unit that mounts on the cycle handlebar, fork mounted transmitter and a chest belt with a built in sensor that is worn around the chest just under the pectoral muscles.
The Speedopulse is easy to install and to use. You will need to program in your age and weight and choose how the distance is displayed - either in kilometres (km) or miles (m) as you prefer.

The upper display on the main Speedopulse unit shows the following measurements:

  • speed comparison - compares your current speed to you average speed
  • current and average heart rate
  • current speed

The lower display on the main unit presents the following data:

  • trip distance
  • trip timer - counts your actual riding time
  • average speed
  • maximum speed reached during any trip
  • current time
  • total distance ridden (odometer function)
  • calorie counter - an approximate amount of calories burned during a ride
  • fat burned - an approximate number of grams of fat burned during a ride
  • temperature in the range between -10 degrees C and + 50 degrees C
  • elapsed time (stop watch function)

Speedopulse requires batteries:
main unit: 3V lithium cell battery CR2032 mounted unit: 12V alkaline battery VR22/L1028/A23S belt battery: 3V lithium cell battery CR2032
All batteries are supplied with the Speedopulse. Replacements are readily available from electrical stores and supermarkets.
Speedopulse 1000w is CE marked and cleared for use in the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and Norway.

Speedopulse 1000w
Speedopulse 1000w is supplied with a multi lingual manual with easy to follow step by step initial installation and user instructions. All fittings are supplied. All batteries are supplied.

Price : 67.50

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