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Maxim Energy Gel

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Maxim Energy Gel

Maxim Energy Gel is a highly concentrated carbohydrate gel. The carbohydrates fuel your muscles immediately and will keep you up to speed.

During long intensive exercise your blood sugar level can drop beneath normal value. Result: energy fade, concentration problems, decrease in performance. This problem often arises in endurance athletes such as triathletes, runners, cyclists, rowers etc. On exactly these moments Maxim Energy Gel is the ideal energy booster. Maintain your blood sugar up to the mark and save your glycogen stores.


Caffeine is probably the most popular stimulant in the world and is present in most people’s daily nutrition.
Caffeine has several effects on the body; it stimulates the central nervous system and the neural activation of muscle. Caffeine also seems to increase fat oxidation, which spares muscle glycogen. It is scientifically proven that caffeine can:

  • enhance time to exhaustion
  • shorten reaction time
  • heighten alertness
  • improve muscular strength
  • increase energy stores in the blood

Caffeine improves performance during different kinds of exercise; from high intensity short-term exercise to low intensity endurance exercise.

Caffeine has been removed from the prohibited substances list.


  • contains 65-74 g of carbohydrates per pouch (100 g)
  • Prevents an energy fade during exercise.
  • Maintains your performance level up to the mark.
  • Ideal product for endurance athletes.
  • User friendly packaging (3 servings or 1 serving).
  • Available in 6 flavours.
  • Guaranteed gluten free.
  • This product is vegetarian friendly.
  • This product does not contain ingredients which are on the doping list.

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