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Bicycle Fitting

Many cyclists ride their bicycles in an uncomfortable, painful, and inefficient (low power output) position. Just because you have ridden for years does not mean that you are riding in the correct position for your range of motion and your needs. Also, as we age, our bodies change and tendons and ligaments may become less flexible.

We cannot ride in the same position as we did at age 20, 30, 40, or 50! Our bodies have changed, so it goes without saying, that our bicycle riding position will also have to change.

Each fitting is unique since each person is unique in design as to their body’s bio-mechanics and their personal cycling goals. Have you ever experienced pain, numbness, or tingling in any of the following areas during or after a ride: lower back, knee or leg, shoulder, neck, hand, feet, hip, butt?

The 3 contact points of the body, while cycling, are the feet, butt, and hands. The corresponding component contact points are the pedals, saddle, and the handlebar.

Skeletal measurements need to be taken. Soft tissues need to be considered. Pre-existing conditions need to be discussed, along with flexibility, usage, and riding style.

Advice: Don’t change your position because it is the latest trend or the magazines tell you to. You were created unique and are unique…therefore your riding position is unique to you! Let us help you find your unique cycling position.

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