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Maxim Energy Drink

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Maxim Energy Drink

Maxim Energy Drink is a powder product which gives a refreshing sports drink, when mixed with water. During exercise it is important to optimize your fluid balance and to ensure that the glycogen store in your muscles does not get depleted.
A fluid loss of 2% of your body weight, can reduce your performance by 20%. Other effects of dehydration are cramps, headache and overheating.

During exercise you lose, besides fluid, also glycogen (energy) and minerals. A depletion of your glycogen store, can reduce your performance right up to 50%. The best remedy is to drink a hypotonic sportsdrink during exercise. This contains the ingredients your body needs to restore the fluid balance, carbohydrate store (glycogen) and minerals.

Maxim Energy Drink has been particularly developed as a hypotonic thirst quencher. Its optimal composition of maltodextrin, sucrose, vitamins and minerals ensures a fast energy supply and an optimal hydration. It optimizes your performance and delays weariness. Feel fit and energetic!


  • Maxim Energy Drink is a hypotonic drink ensuring fast and optimal absorbtion.
  • Contains a carbohydrate quality of 48,5 to 74g per liter for optimal fluid and energy absorbtion. The drink can be composed to your taste (2 scoops = less sweet / 3 scoops = sweet).
  • Contains maltodextrin and fructose for fast and continuous energy.
  • Contains 9 vitamins to support carbohydrate and energy metabolism.
  • Contains 4 minerals to optimize fluid balance during exercise.
  • Has an osmolarity of max. 291 mOsm/l.
  • This product is vegetarian friendly.
  • This product does not contain ingredients which are on the doping list.

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