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Maxim Recovery Drink

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Maxim Recovery Drink

After exercise, you should start immediately with the rehydration and energy replacement process. Muscle glycogen synthesis is most rapidly immediately after exercise. This is because the low level of remaining muscle glycogen stimulates rapid glycogen storage. This will help your body to recuperate faster from your last exercise and refuel it for the next.

Maxim Recovery Drink contains 56% carbohydrates and 34% protein. Researchers of the University of Texas have studied the combination of carbohydrates and protein. They discovered that this simple combination of carbohydrates and protein increased the rate of glycogen synthesis after exercise by 40% versus carbohydrates alone. They found that this mixture results in a larger insulin release. More insulin released means more key substances ( such as glycogen, amino acids etc.) get escorted into muscle cells. Besides filling up your energy store it also provides your body with the necessary protein for the recuperation of the muscles.

Maxim Recovery Drink provides you with the best recuperation ingredients. Turn this to your advantage and use Recovery Drink in the first hour after exercise when absorption is most efficient. Maxim Recovery Drink prevents muscle fatigue, muscle damage and rapidly recuperates your body for the next exercise.


  • Maxim Recovery Drink contains 56% carbohydrates and 34% protein. This combination restores the glycogen store faster than just carbohydrates.
  • Balanced protein composition to recuperate the muscles. To prevent muscle fatigue and muscle damage.
  • For an optimal result, use within one hour after exercise.
  • The powder can be mixed with skimmed milk or water.
  • Easy to prepare.
  • Easily digestible.
  • Low fat content (<1%).
  • Available in 2 flavours.
  • This product is vegetarian friendly.
  • This product does not contain ingredients wich are on the doping list.

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