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Malta Cycling Resources

The B.M.X Association was set up in Malta over 20 years ago by Mr. John Zammit, a very keen and dedicated bicycle enthusiast. Since B.M.X was still a new sport and there were no facilities to cater for the young riders, John began to organise races on a little 1 lane course at “Independence Garden's” in Sliema. This “track” was quickly out grown and the move to Pembroke was made. A lot has changed since then........ The track is not just a track.. theres more to it. Here is a list of what can be found in Pembroke: The Half Pipe: (12ftx30ft approxx) was originally brought over by the Swatch freestyle team way back in the 80’s. Malta happened to be the last stop of the tour and as it was time for the team to have another one built they left the ramp here for the Maltese riders to use. It was originally dumped at Luxol grounds where it was being vandalised. After that, authorities had it moved to Ta Qali, where it spent a few months there. After that John made a few calls and got it moved permanently to the track in Pembroke, where a few years later one side of it was burnt down. The Skate-park: has been a growing ongoing project for the past 8 years. Just like the track, this area was just a field. A few brain storming sessions and a lot of hours of labour later we got it to what its at now. (expect more alternations in the coming months) Trails: The trails concept has been an idea for ages… too long, eventually with the help of a few dedicated “diggers” the project kicked in as has been going on strong for the past two years. Not bad when considering all this was done by hand. nice one boys!!! Without his dedication, and hard labour none us would be doing what we love doing every weekend.

For further info contact Mr John Zammit on +356 7947193 or email: john.zammit@onvol.net


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