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114 LINKS: Total number of 114 links for each chain. Long enough for every standard drive train.

SMART LINK: Simple closing system. The link can be closed without using tools. Even unlocking the link is possible. 8-speed compatible chains are equipped with a SmartLink silver, 9-speed compatible chains are equipped with a SmartLink gold. An opened link cannot be reused. To ensure a tight and safe connection always use a new SmartLink

SMARTLOCK: Easy to use closing system specially for 10-speed BBB chains. An opened link cannot be re-used. To ensure a tight and safe connection always use a new SmartLock

Euro 9.95
- Lm4.27 Powerline 8 speed brown including SmartLink silver
Euro12.95 - Lm5.56 Powerline 8 speed grey including SmartLink silver
Euro17.95 - Lm7.71 Powerline 8 speed grey/nickel including SmartLink silver
Euro26.95 - Lm11.57 Powerline 8 speed nickel/nickel including SmartLink silver

Euro16.50 - Lm7.08 Powerline 9 speed grey including SmartLink gold
Euro21.95 - Lm9.42 Powerline 9 speed grey/nickel including SmartLink gold
Euro32.95 - Lm14.15 Powerline 9 speed nickel/nickel including SmartLink gold

Euro25.95 - Lm11.14 Powerline 10 speed grey/nickel including SmartLock black
Euro28.95 - Lm12.43 Powerline 10 speed nickel/nickel including SmartLock black

Euro52.95 - Lm22.73 Powerline 10 speed nickel/nickel hollow pins including SmartLock black

Euro2.95 - Lm1.27 SmartLink 8spd silver
Euro2.95 - Lm1.27 SmartLink 9spd gold
Euro2.95 - Lm1.27 SmartLock 10spd black


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